Saudi FM in Tehran conveys king, crown prince condolences for Iran president death

RIYADH: Saudi ginseng, an evergreen shrub with yellow flowers, has reappeared after a 20-year absence in the deserts of the Northern Border region, Saudi Press Agency reported on Wednesday.

Nasser Rashid Al-Majlad, president of Amana Environmental Association in the region, said the plant has several names: Al-Abab, Saudi ginseng, or ashwagandha, and has reappeared again in the region after more than 20 years, similar to many other wild plants.

 Al-Majlad pointed out that the region is rich in wild plants with high economic value, as it has a distinctive natural vegetation cover, which can be invested as a natural plant resource to increase biodiversity, combat desertification, expand green areas, and enhance tourism and human development, following the green economy system that balances economic and environmental needs, benefiting humanity and the planet.

Khonaysser Wadi Al-Anazi, a vegetation cover enthusiast, mentioned that he saw the Saudi ginseng plant on the outskirts of the city of Arar. He attributed this to the recent increase in rainfall and expansion of green areas in the region.

He also noted that with the reappearance of the plant, it could be used for various purposes.

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