Biden avoids a further Mideast spiral as Israel and Iran show restraint. But for how long?

A man escaped Sudan’s bloody civil war. His mysterious death in Missisippi has sparked suspicion JACKSON, Mississippi: As a child, Dau Mabil escaped war-torn Sudan and built a new life in Mississippi. This month, fishermen found the body of the 33-year-old Mabil floating in a river, prompting calls for a federal investigation into his disappearance … Read more

Biden is off on details of his uncle’s WWII death as he calls Trump unfit to lead the military

LONDON: Several Google employees were arrested on Tuesday for taking part in a 10-hour sit-in at the company’s offices in New York and California. The protest, organized by members of the No Tech For Apartheid movement, was meant as a challenge to the tech giant’s involvement with the Israeli government. It centered on a $1 … Read more

Biden in ‘very tough spot’ trying to stop Middle East escalation

At UNSC meeting, Iran and US swap threats while Israel urges ‘all possible sanctions’ over attack NEW YORK: Iran has on Sunday said that it has no intention of engaging militarily with the US in the region, but if the latter initiates a military operation against it, its citizens, or security interests “Iran will use … Read more

Trump says Iran attack on Israel shows US ‘weakness’ under Biden

SYDNEY: Six people were killed and several others injured — including a nine-month-old baby — when a knife-wielding attacker rampaged through a busy Sydney shopping center on Saturday.Australian police said multiple people were stabbed by the unidentified assailant, who was tracked down and shot dead by a policewoman who is being hailed as a national … Read more

Republican hardliners blame Biden administration after Huawei unveils laptop with new Intel AI chip

LONDON: The inclusion of a Palestinian flag emoji when users type “Jerusalem” has sparked controversy for Apple, with accusations of antisemitism leveled against the American tech giant. The issue emerged after a recent software update automatically suggested the Palestinian flag emoji, drawing criticism from British TV presenter Rachel Riley, an outspoken supporter of Israel. Riley … Read more

Biden assures ‘ironclad’ US defense support for the Philippines and Japan amid growing China provocations

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden said Thursday that US defense commitment to Pacific allies was “ironclad” as he gathered Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the White House in the midst of growing concern about provocative Chinese military action in the Indo-Pacific.

Biden ‘considering’ Australian request to drop Assange case

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden said Wednesday he was “considering” a request by Australia to drop the prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on espionage charges. Australia’s parliament passed a motion in February with the prime minister’s support calling for an end to the legal saga surrounding Assange, who has been held in Britain since … Read more

Trump assails Jewish voters who back Biden: ‘Should have their head examined’

How Latin America’s anti-Zionist Jews are standing against Israel’s war in Palestine SAO PAULO: The war in Gaza has generated unprecedented reactions in Latin America, with the consolidation of broad pro-Palestine coalitions. As part of such movements, countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico have seen the emergence of anti-Zionist Jewish groups, formed by activists … Read more

Biden promises Israel ‘ironclad’ support against Iran reprisals

KHARTOUM: A year into Sudan’s civil war, Iranian-made armed drones have helped the army turn the tide of the conflict, halting the progress of the rival paramilitary Rapid Support Force and regaining territory around the capital, a senior army source told Reuters.Six Iranian sources, regional officials and diplomats — who, like the army source, asked … Read more