UCLA police chief reassigned following criticism over handling of campus demonstrations

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Trump supporters meet representatives of Michigan’s Arab and Muslim communities CHICAGO: Arab and Muslim supporters of the former US president, Donald Trump, held a meeting in Michigan on Tuesday night to discuss with community leaders his actions while he was in the White House, and attempt to win their support for his bid to regain … Read more

Over 100 pro-Palestinian protesters arrested from New York’s Columbia campus

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NEW YORK CITY: The US on Thursday vetoed a draft resolution, drawn up by Algeria, that proposed the State of Palestine be granted full membership of the UN, thereby effectively blocking the Security Council from recognizing Palestine as a state. Twelve members of the 15-member council voted in favor of the resolution, with the UK … Read more

At Bangladesh’s OIC campus, international students recreate Eid atmosphere of home

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MANILA: Muslim and non-Muslim Filipinos flocked to the Halal Bazar in the Philippine capital during Eid Al-Fitr celebrations in search of authentic dishes and in support of the minority community in their predominantly Catholic country. Organized by the Philippine Ulama Congress Organization and the local government, the Halal Bazaar was a celebration of Muslim culture … Read more

Harvard sued by Jewish students over antisemitism on campus

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DUBAI: Harvard University has been sued by Jewish students who accused it of allowing its campus to become a bastion of rampant antisemitism. In a complaint filed on Wednesday night, six students accused Harvard of selectively enforcing its anti-discrimination policies to avoid protecting Jewish students from harassment, ignoring their pleas for protection, and hiring professors … Read more