Jordan’s foreign minister, Antony Blinken discuss Gaza ceasefire, entry of aid into Gaza Strip

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LONDON: Northern Gaza faces a catastrophe without more assistance, the UN’s humanitarian coordinator said on Friday, with communication between the Israeli military and foreign aid groups still poor and no meaningful improvements happening on the ground. Jamie McGoldrick, who works for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, warned that Gaza was sliding … Read more

Oil Updates – prices turn higher as Middle East ceasefire hopes wane

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RIYADH: The net profit of insurance companies in Saudi Arabia surged by 1,221.3 percent year-on-year in 2023 to $861 million, driven by favorable economic conditions.  According to the report released by research firm Insurance Monitor, in association with Lux Actuaries and Consultants, four firms from the Kingdom grabbed their spots on the list of the … Read more

Arab states tell Security Council to use enforcement powers to make Israel comply with ceasefire resolution

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NEW YORK CITY: The group of Arab countries at the UN on Friday called on the Security Council to invoke Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, to force Israel to implement an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for the remainder of Ramadan and allow humanitarian workers to freely distribute aid and prevent a looming famine in … Read more

Hamas official says no progress in ceasefire talks, despite the movement’s flexibility

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‘Reckless’ Houthi Red Sea campaign harming Yemenis, Palestinians – US special envoy LONDON: Continuing Houthi attacks on shipping in the Red Sea are “misplaced, reckless and indiscriminate,” the US special envoy for Yemen said on Wednesday during a briefing attended by Arab News. Timothy Lenderking added that the Houthis’ activities are harming both ordinary Yemenis … Read more

How a ceasefire and unrestricted aid access could yet prevent a famine in north Gaza

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LONDON: Desperate appeals from UN agencies urging Israel to allow aid into Gaza to alleviate hunger and avert an imminent famine in the north of the embattled Palestinian enclave appear to have fallen on deaf ears. Despite a UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire and accusations of genocide by Francesca Albanese, the special … Read more

Israel’s Netanyahu approves new Gaza ceasefire talks

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BEIRUT: A war monitor said Israeli air strikes Friday on Syria’s Aleppo province killed at least 42 including 36 Syrian soldiers, the deadliest toll for the army since the Israel-Hamas war began. Israel has launched hundreds of air strikes in Syria since civil war there broke out in 2011, targeting army positions as well as … Read more

Saudi Cabinet welcomes UN’s ceasefire resolution on Gaza

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RIYADH: The importance of preserving the natural environment that characterizes Asir while implementing new tourism projects has been emphasized by the Asir Development Authority’s acting CEO. Hashim Al-Dabbagh said this was one of the authority’s most important duties, along with developing the tourism and service sectors, reported Saudi Press Agency. Al-Dabbagh was speaking during an … Read more

Colombia threatens to break ties with Israel if it doesn’t comply with a UN ceasefire resolution

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GENEVA, BERLIN: At least 63,285 people have perished or disappeared on migration routes around the world between 2014 and 2023, with most deaths caused by drowning, the UN migration agency said on Tuesday. A report published by the International Organization for Migration on its Missing Migrants Project showed that the majority of deaths and disappearances … Read more

Arab League seeks implementation of UN resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire

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GENEVA: The situation in war-ravaged Gaza is so desperate that teenagers are now saying they hope to be swiftly killed to escape the “nightmare”, a spokesman for the UN children’s agency said Tuesday.“The unspeakable is regularly said in Gaza,” said James Elder, spokesman for the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF.Speaking to journalists in Geneva via … Read more