Japan resumes funding for UNRWA with $35m donation

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SYDNEY: A knife attack at a live-streamed church service in Australia wounded four people on Monday and sparked clashes between riot police and outraged members of the local community. A bishop and the 15-year-old suspect were among those being treated for “non-life threatening injuries” after the attack at an Assyrian Christian church in the west … Read more

Germany pledges more Sudan aid as European leaders push for funding on war anniversary

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NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government are increasingly wielding strong-arm tactics to subdue political opponents and critics of the ruling Hindu-nationalist party. A decade into power, and on the cusp of securing five more years, the Modi government is reversing India’s decadeslong commitment to multiparty democracy and secularism. The ruling Bharatiya … Read more

Startup Wrap – OSN+, AhnLab, and Mubashir among firms to see funding success during Ramadan

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CAIRO: Startups in the Middle East and North Africa region have closed Ramadan and started Eid Al-Fitr on a positive note as venture activity continued.  Among the most significant announcements during the holy month was UAE-based online streaming platform OSN+ and the Lebanon-originated music streaming service Anghami Inc.’s successful merger into a unified media entity following … Read more

Startup Wrap – Saudi Arabia captures nearly half of MENA’s Q1 funding 

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CAIRO: Saudi startups continue to demonstrate a pioneering stance by capturing almost half of the region’s total venture funding in the first quarter of the year, underscoring the Kingdom’s growing influence in the regional startup ecosystem.   In a notable achievement, Saudi ventures secured $224 million out of the $429 million raised across the Middle … Read more

Saudi-based Funding Souq obtains crowdfunding license

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RIYADH: The Saudi Central Bank, also known as SAMA, has issued a license to Funding Souq, a debt crowdfunding platform, to operate in the Kingdom.  This new permit raises the count of companies authorized in this domain to 10, bringing the number of fintech companies permitted by the apex bank to 61. “This decision reflects … Read more

UN Palestinian agency chief says funding secured until end of May

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Attack on Rafah ‘not the way’ to defeat Hamas, US envoy tells UN Security Council NEW YORK: The US has again urged Israel to abandon plans for a major ground operation in Rafah, where more 1.5 million displaced Palestinians are hemmed in after months of fighting in Gaza. “We share Israel’s goal of defeating Hamas,” … Read more

Bangladesh’s energy sector receives $1.4bn funding boost from ITFC

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RIYADH: The latest edition of a framework designed to enhance e-government services and accelerate digital innovation in Saudi Arabia has been launched. The Digital Transformation Index for 2024 seeks to elevate the commitment levels of the public sector to decisions and directives concerning technological evolution.  Additionally, it aims to improve the quality of e-government services … Read more

Early-stage startups across the MENA region secure funding rounds

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CAIRO: Startups throughout the Middle East and North Africa region are experiencing a surge in funding, significantly energizing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Across diverse locales such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Tunisia, early-stage companies have successfully attracted pre-seed and seed investments this week, propelling their development and expansion.  Saudi Arabia-based food tech startup Barakah successfully raised … Read more

Finland to resume funding to UNRWA

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Indonesia’s rescue of Rohingya refugees at sea is a reminder of an ordeal that began in Myanmar BANGKOK: A dramatic story of survival and rescue off the western coast of Indonesia’s Aceh province has put the spotlight again on the plight of ethnic Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar who make extremely dangerous voyages across the … Read more