Taif’s rose farms bloom into global fragrance production hub

RIYADH: Taif’s mountainous and famed rose farms have become a major fragrance production hub, producing over 550 million flowers annually and driving an economic engine worth millions. Spanning 270 hectares, some 910 rose farms nurture around 1.14 million bushes across areas like Al-Hada, Al-Shifa, Wadi Muharram, Al-Wahat, and Al-Wahit, the Saudi Press Agency reported. The … Read more

Global growth rate slows to 2.6% in 2024 amid uneven recovery: UNCTAD

JEDDAH: In the heart of Saudi Arabia, amidst the towering skylines of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam that have long symbolized the nation’s economic strength, a new narrative is taking shape. It is a story of decentralized development, where attention is shifting away from the bright lights of the cities to the lesser-explored corners of the … Read more

Saudi chair of IMFC acknowledges impact of global crises, says they should be discussed in other forums

Saudi Arabia’s AI adoption ignites technological advancement and economic growth RIYADH: As artificial intelligence gains global attention and becomes a buzzword, Saudi Arabia is positioned for accelerated adoption to enhance efficiency across its industries. Over the years, AI has evolved into a transformative technology revolutionizing numerous industries and domains. Its development and adoption across sectors … Read more

Saudi minister calls for ‘decisive financial policies’ to counter global economic uncertainties

RIYADH: Dubai’s inflation witnessed a slight decrease in March, dropping to 3.34 percent compared to 3.36 percent in February, according to official data. The decline in inflation is attributed to lower prices of specific goods and services, notably in the food and transportation sectors. Dubai’s Consumer Price Index rose to 110.77 points in March, compared … Read more

ACWA Power, IRENA join hands to accelerate global renewable energy transition

RIYADH: In a bid to add impetus to the adoption of clean energy sources worldwide, Saudi utility firm ACWA Power has signed a deal with the International Renewable Energy Agency, said a press release issued on Thursday. The Saudi-listed firm said that the partnership aligns with its mission to provide sustainable energy solutions and seeks … Read more

UAE’s Global Hotel Alliance marks 20 years with stellar Q1 results

Freshwater scarcity is an increasing problem faced by regions all over the world. Four billion people — almost two thirds of the world’s population — experience severe water scarcity for at least one month each year, and half of the world’s population could be living in areas facing water scarcity by as early as 2025. … Read more

Global wedding experts head to Zimbabwe for annual congress

Saudi Sports for All has announced the resounding success of its series of Ramadan tournaments, culminating in an unprecedented celebration of sportsmanship, community, and healthy living across the Kingdom. The SFA Ramadan Domes tournament, held in Dammam, witnessed an overwhelming participation of thousands of individuals across nine tournaments. From padel to basketball, male and female … Read more

Vision 2030 putting Saudi Arabia on the map for global investors, experts say

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s strategic location, thriving economy, and strong government support have attracted a diverse range of funding partners keen on assisting startups and entrepreneurs. The Kingdom, according to Houssem Jemili, partner at management consulting firm Bain and Co., has one of the highest technology spends in the Middle East and North Africa, approximately 2.5 … Read more

5 first-round light heavyweight finishes highlight 2024 PFL Global Season event

LAS VEGAS: The Professional Fighters League on Friday returned with Global Season action, with the 11-fight card delivering five first-round finishes coming in the light heavyweight division. The second event of the season featured athletes from the light heavyweight and lightweight divisions at The Theater at Virgin Hotels, Las Vegas.

Spain: Israel’s ‘disproportionate response’ in Gaza a global threat

How Latin America’s anti-Zionist Jews are standing against Israel’s war in Palestine SAO PAULO: The war in Gaza has generated unprecedented reactions in Latin America, with the consolidation of broad pro-Palestine coalitions. As part of such movements, countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico have seen the emergence of anti-Zionist Jewish groups, formed by activists … Read more