Arab-American Heritage Month: LA-based artist Aneesa Shami Zizzo talks tactile medium of fabrics

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JEDDAH: After a month of worship, many people during Eid Al-Fitr break seek fun and relaxation. For those looking for a serene and rejuvenating destination, Saudi Arabia offers an array of options. From luxury resorts to sustainable desert getaways, the Kingdom provides diverse choices to suit all preferences. Here is a curated list of destinations … Read more

2nd Saudi Cinema Nights series of international film screening begins this month

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RIYADH: The holy month of Ramadan, beginning on March 11 and observed mostly at the end of Saudi Arabia’s winter, has brought cool comfort for fasting Muslims, making it a pleasant experience. Based on the lunar Hijri calendar, the beginning of the holy month changes every year, determined by sightings of the crescent moon. A … Read more

Arab-American Heritage Month: Why using pattern for communication has been Doris Bitar’s life mission

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Third New York Arab Festival looks to foster ‘creative dialogues’ at a time when ‘language is weaponized’ DHAHRAN: For the next two months, New Yorkers will have plenty of chances to show-up fashionably late for one of the activations at the third annual New York Arab Festival — but they won’t want to miss a … Read more

Man United defenders Martinez and Lindelof ruled out for at least a month because of injuries

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UAE Pro League preview: Wasl march on, Iniesta strike not enough to save Emirates DUBAI: Spain legend Andres Iniesta’s strike was not enough to quiet deafening alarm bells at relegation-threatened Emirates Club, results strengthened Al-Wasl’s grip on the title and Morocco striker Walid Azaro hit a “super hat-trick”’ for an appreciative Ajman during ADNOC Pro … Read more

UN to vote on resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza during current Muslim holy month of Ramadan

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3 of 4 suspects charged in Russia concert hall attack admit guilt during court hearing MOSCOW: Three of the four suspects charged with carrying out the concert hall attack in Moscow that killed more than 130 people admitted guilt for the incident in a Russian court Sunday. Moscow’s Basmanny District Court formally charged Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, … Read more

Saudi hospitality shines in Makkah during holy month

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MAKKAH: For pilgrims in Makkah, the holy month of Ramadan is a chance to explore the flavorful culinary culture of the Kingdom and experience Saudi hospitality. A variety of dishes have become sought-after by pilgrims for their iftar and sahoor meals, from saleeg, mahrouse, mabroush, lokma and ruz bukhari, to manti, miro kebab, farmoza and … Read more

Prosecutors say they’re open to delaying Donald Trump’s March 25 hush-money trial for a month

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NEW YORK: New York prosecutors said Thursday they are open to delaying the start of Donald Trump’s hush-money criminal trial by a month “in an abundance of caution” to give the former president’s lawyers time to review evidence they only recently obtained from a previous federal investigation into the matter. The Manhattan district attorney’s office … Read more

Ramadan 2024: Fashion houses unveil collections inspired by the holy month 

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DUBAI: Renowned fashion houses from the Gulf and across the globe have unveiled their new Ramadan collections to celebrate the holy month. Designers have infused their creations with symbolic motifs, vibrant hues and sustainable practices.   Here, we showcase Ramadan collections from several designers and brands, each blending creativity and cultural significance in their designs.  Honayda  … Read more

Food aid for Sudanese refugees in Chad could end next month, WFP says

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GENEVA: Food aid for hundreds of thousands of Sudanese refugees in Chad, some of whom are close to starvation, will be suspended next month without more funding, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Tuesday. Since conflict broke out in Sudan nearly a year ago, more than half a million Sudanese refugees have fled to … Read more

US judge upholds program that lets in 30,000 migrants from 4 countries per month

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Three generations of women serve up ‘homemade goodness’ with food delivery service in Islamabad ISLAMABAD: Sabika Qureshi had been teaching at various schools and colleges in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad for around six years before her son was born in 2019, making it difficult for her to manage employment outside the home while also … Read more