All Saudi airports achieve 100% complaint resolution in March: GACA

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SINGAPORE: Oil prices fell by more than 1 percent on Monday, as the market focus switched to fundamentals after Israel and Iran played down the risk of an escalation of hostilities following Israel’s apparently small strike on Iran, according to Reuters. Brent futures fell $1.21, or 1.4 percent, to $86.08 a barrel by 9:55 a.m. … Read more

Arab states tell Security Council to use enforcement powers to make Israel comply with ceasefire resolution

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NEW YORK CITY: The group of Arab countries at the UN on Friday called on the Security Council to invoke Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, to force Israel to implement an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for the remainder of Ramadan and allow humanitarian workers to freely distribute aid and prevent a looming famine in … Read more

France to propose new Security Council Gaza resolution on aid, hostages

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AL-MUKALLA: The US Central Command said on Sunday its forces destroyed two drones in Yemen and over the Red Sea. In this latest round of skirmishes between the Houthis and US-led maritime forces in the area, one drone was destroyed over the Red Sea on Saturday morning, and the other on the ground while it … Read more

Saudi Cabinet welcomes UN’s ceasefire resolution on Gaza

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RIYADH: The importance of preserving the natural environment that characterizes Asir while implementing new tourism projects has been emphasized by the Asir Development Authority’s acting CEO. Hashim Al-Dabbagh said this was one of the authority’s most important duties, along with developing the tourism and service sectors, reported Saudi Press Agency. Al-Dabbagh was speaking during an … Read more

Colombia threatens to break ties with Israel if it doesn’t comply with a UN ceasefire resolution

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GENEVA, BERLIN: At least 63,285 people have perished or disappeared on migration routes around the world between 2014 and 2023, with most deaths caused by drowning, the UN migration agency said on Tuesday. A report published by the International Organization for Migration on its Missing Migrants Project showed that the majority of deaths and disappearances … Read more

Arab League seeks implementation of UN resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire

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GENEVA: The situation in war-ravaged Gaza is so desperate that teenagers are now saying they hope to be swiftly killed to escape the “nightmare”, a spokesman for the UN children’s agency said Tuesday.“The unspeakable is regularly said in Gaza,” said James Elder, spokesman for the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF.Speaking to journalists in Geneva via … Read more

UN to vote on resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza during current Muslim holy month of Ramadan

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3 of 4 suspects charged in Russia concert hall attack admit guilt during court hearing MOSCOW: Three of the four suspects charged with carrying out the concert hall attack in Moscow that killed more than 130 people admitted guilt for the incident in a Russian court Sunday. Moscow’s Basmanny District Court formally charged Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, … Read more

UN Security Council fails to pass US draft resolution on Gaza after Russia, China veto

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TEL AVIV: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday for talks aimed at ensuring more aid flows into Gaza, amid increasingly tense relations between the two allies over the six-month-old war. In Gaza, Israel claimed to have killed or captured hundreds of Hamas fighters in a five-day operation … Read more

Blinken arrives in Israel for talks as UN prepares to vote on a ceasefire resolution

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CAIRO: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday a major Israeli ground assault on the southern Gaza town of Rafah would be “a mistake” and unnecessary to defeating Hamas, underscoring the further souring of relations between the United States and Israel.Blinken, on his sixth urgent Mideast mission since the war began, spoke after huddling … Read more

Almost all Saudi airports achieve 100% complaint resolution in February: GACA

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RIYADH: Ten out of the 11 airports in Saudi Arabia that received passengers’ complaints in February resolved them on time, according to the General Authority of Civil Aviation.  In its monthly classification for air transport service providers, GACA highlighted the performance of airlines and related transport hubs based on traveler complaints filed during the second month … Read more