Al Jazeera says journalist severely wounded, another has leg amputated after Israeli strike on Gaza

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Israeli soldiers’ videos of Gazan prisoners breach international law, say legal experts DUBAI: Humiliating videos of Gazan detainees filmed and shared online by Israeli soldiers could be a breach of international law, legal experts said. BBC Verify said it analyzed hundreds of videos uploaded since November by Israeli troops deployed in Gaza. Most show scenes … Read more

Hezbollah official wounded in Israeli strike on Lebanon: security source

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BEIRUT: A local Hezbollah official was seriously wounded Monday in an Israeli air strike on his car in southern Lebanon, a Lebanese security source told AFP. Israeli forces and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, have traded near-daily fire since war broke out on October 7 between Israel and the Palestinian militant group in … Read more

6 people wounded, 2 assailants killed during an attack at a Turkish courthouse

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RIYADH: The US military said early on Tuesday it had conducted a strike against “explosive uncrewed surface vehicles” belonging to the Houthis in Yemen on Monday afternoon. The statement by the US Central Command, or CENTCOM, said the vehicles “presented an imminent threat to US Navy ships and merchant vessels in the region” and the … Read more

Knife attack leaves three people wounded in Paris, police say

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Biden is left with few choices as immigration takes center stage in American politics SCOTTSDALE, Arizona: Almost immediately after he walked into the Oval Office on his first day as president, Joe Biden began rolling back his predecessor’s immigration policies, which he had assailed throughout the 2020 campaign as harsh and inhumane. A lot has … Read more

Seven wounded Palestinian children arrive in France

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Pakistani painters sit idle as digital ads rule campaigns ahead of February polls KARACHI: Muhammad Irshad recently whitewashed a wall in a densely populated, low-income neighborhood in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi with a solution made of lime and water and then painted on it an election promotion in vibrant colors. While past elections … Read more

US strikes targets in Iraq after forces wounded

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DUBAI: On Jan. 11 South Africa asked the International Court of Justice at The Hague to rule on whether Israel’s ongoing military campaign in Gaza amounted to genocide. Israel responded by accusing the country of “functioning as the legal arm” of Hamas.  But South African support for the Palestinians is not a new phenomenon. For … Read more

UN force in Lebanon urges probe after peacekeeper wounded

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2023 Year in review: A time of tumult, tragedies and transition in the Middle East IRBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan: The Middle East and North Africa region has witnessed another tumultuous year, marked by events ranging from the worst earthquake of the century to the bloodiest chapter yet of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At the same time, however, … Read more

Lebanese TV cameraman wounded in Israeli air attack

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RAFAH, Gaza Strip: Israel’s war to destroy Hamas has killed more than 20,000 Palestinians, health officials in Gaza said Friday, as Israel expanded its offensive and ordered tens of thousands more people to leave their homes.The deaths in Gaza amount to nearly 1 percent of the territory’s prewar population — the latest indication of the … Read more