AI tech is in TV equivalent of monochrome but future is ‘bright’: CEO of OpenAI

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DUBAI: Artificial intelligence technology is currently in television’s equivalent of “black and white” but the coming decade “will be remarkable,” said Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, on Tuesday. Speaking via video on the second day of the World Governments Summit underway in Dubai, Altman said the “bright future” promised by AI would transform education and … Read more

Bright future for cricket in Japan, official tells Arab News

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LONDON/BANGKOK: Japan may not have much of a reputation on the international stage when it comes to cricket, but the man tasked with changing that told Arab News he is optimistic that the sport has a bright future in the country. Alan Curr, head of operations at the Japanese Cricket Association, was speaking after Japan’s … Read more

China’s winter tourism rebound a bright spot in tepid economy

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BEIJING: Winter tourism in China has rebounded sharply in a welcome boon to economically weak regions in the north struggling to recover from years of pandemic gloom, and providing a boost to sluggish domestic consumption. Destinations in China’s northeastern rust-belt, such as the city of Harbin in Heilongjiang province, have attracted droves of domestic visitors from … Read more