Thousands of Filipino Muslims to perform Eid prayers at Manila Golden Mosque

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MANILA: Custodians of the Manila Golden Mosque are preparing to host over 10,000 worshippers for upcoming Eid Al-Fitr prayers to mark the end of Ramadan.  In the predominantly Catholic Philippines, Muslims make up nearly 10 percent of the country’s roughly 110 million population. Most live on the southern islands of Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago.  … Read more

Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemns Israeli attacks on worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque

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How destruction inflicted on Gaza has intensified environmental challenges in the Middle East DUBAI: Wars devastate lives, economies, and infrastructure, but what is often overlooked is the lasting damage they cause to the environment in the form of emissions, pollutants, and the destruction of habitats. The war in Gaza has been no exception.  Since the … Read more

East London Mosque serves up 1,000 iftar meals a day during Ramadan

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NEW DELHI: Despite religious tensions running high in India, Sikhs and Hindus in Malerkotla district take pride in hosting iftars for their Muslim neighbors, as they support and join them in Ramadan celebrations. The district in Punjab emerged from a 15th-century state established by Sheikh Sadruddin, a leader of the Sherwani tribe from Afghanistan. A … Read more

Grand Mosque childcare centers cater to young guests

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JEDDAH: Ramadan is the month when some people are not only spiritually and religiously invigorated, but also find renewed creative energy. Arab News prepared a list of art cafes and studios around the Kingdom that offer the space and tools to aspiring artists and creative minds to practice different art media. Arty Cafe Whether you … Read more

Boar head found outside French mosque

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MOGADISHU: Somalia’s parliament has unanimously approved proposals to overhaul the country’s electoral system to reintroduce universal suffrage, a plan that has been criticized by some leading politicians. Last March, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud pledged to end the complex clan-based indirect voting system in place for more than half a century in the troubled Horn of Africa … Read more

Crown prince prays at Prophet’s Mosque, hosts citizens during visit to Madinah

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Sweet traditions: How these special post-fast desserts sweeten the Ramadan spread RIYADH: During Ramadan, Muslim families around the world bring a touch of sweetness to the iftar spread with traditional desserts that never go out of style. Logaimat Logaimat — meaning a bite or mouthful — is a staple dessert during the holy month. It … Read more

Grand Mosque authority designates doors for Umrah pilgrims

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MAKKAH: The General Authority for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has assigned specific doors in the Grand Mosque to receive Umrah pilgrims during the holy month of Ramadan this year. The doors administration, working together with the security authorities at the mosque, has opened 210 doors to prevent suffocation and … Read more

World’s first 3D-printed mosque unveiled in Jeddah

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JEDDAH: Jeddah recently celebrated the inaugural ceremony of the world’s first mosque built using 3D printing technology. Situated in Al-Jawhara suburb of Jeddah, the mosque is named after the late Abdulaziz Abdullah Sharbatly as a tribute from his wife, Saudi businesswoman Wajnat Abdulwahed. The innovation is part of the National Housing Co.’s portfolio, unveiled amidst … Read more

1,350 women volunteers trained to help visitors at Prophet’s Mosque

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Saudi Arabia has ‘special place’ in Bangladesh’s foreign policy, envoy says RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has a special place in Bangladesh’s foreign policy, the South Asian nation’s ambassador to the Kingdom said on Monday. Speaking at a reception at the Cultural Palace in Riyadh to mark Bangladesh Independence Day, which falls later this month, Dr. Mohammad … Read more