Libyan leaders entrenched in the status quo and it ‘seems to suit them,’ UN says

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NEW YORK CITY: Thirteen years after the revolution that toppled Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, Libya continues to grapple with political turmoil and the elusive quest for sustainable peace and democracy, the UN’s special envoy to the country said on Thursday. Abdoulaye Bathily lamented the entrenched nature of the status quo in Libya, and the continuing deadlock … Read more

The Chiefs have achieved dynasty status with their third Super Bowl title in five years

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LAS VEGAS: This was supposed to be the year when the Kansas City Chiefs were vulnerable. Their wide receivers were dropping passes, their offense was committing penalties, Travis Kelce was supposedly getting old and there was no way that Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes could possibly overcome all of that. Yet they did, and wiped … Read more

Denmark’s prime minister slams asylum status for ‘Lucky’ the pirate

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COPENHAGEN: Denmark’s prime minister expressed her indignation Tuesday after a Nigerian who has been found guilty of engaging in an exchange of fire with Danish sailors was granted asylum in the Nordic country. The affair, which dates to 2021, has been a long-running source of embarrassment for the Danish government. “I cannot defend this decision,” … Read more