Syrian state media: explosive device blows up car in Damascus

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DAMASCUS: An explosive device went off in a car in an upscale neighborhood of Damascus Saturday, Syrian state media said, quoting a police source and adding that there were no victims. Security incidents, including blasts targeting military or civilian vehicles, occur intermittently in the capital. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the … Read more

How Iran might retaliate for suspected Israeli strike on its Damascus embassy building

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LONDON: With bated breath, the world awaits Iran’s promised retaliation for last week’s suspected Israeli airstrike on its embassy annex in the Syrian capital Damascus. Whatever form Teheran’s revenge takes, there is mounting public fear it could trigger an all-out war. At least 16 people were reportedly killed in the April 1 attack, including two … Read more

IRGC chief vows payback for Israeli strike on consulate in Damascus

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How destruction inflicted on Gaza has intensified environmental challenges in the Middle East DUBAI: Wars devastate lives, economies, and infrastructure, but what is often overlooked is the lasting damage they cause to the environment in the form of emissions, pollutants, and the destruction of habitats. The war in Gaza has been no exception.  Since the … Read more

Iran’s Raisi vows response to Damascus consulate strike

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LONDON: Israel has used artificial intelligence to identify as many as 37,000 potential targets during its war in Gaza, intelligence sources have revealed.  Israeli-Palestinian publication +972 Magazine and Hebrew-language outlet Local Call published a report by journalist Yuval Abraham that interviewed six Israeli intelligence officers who used the AI, called Lavender, which identified targets supposedly … Read more

Who was the Iranian military commander killed in the Damascus strike?

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LONDON: Born on Nov. 2, 1960, in Isfahan, central Iran, Mohammad Reza Zahedi was a contemporary and close friend of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the 62-year-old commander of the Quds Force, who was killed by a US drone strike in Baghdad, Iraq, on Jan. 3, 2020. Soleimani had enrolled in what was then the newly … Read more

Israeli strikes in Damascus kill 6 in Iran embassy annex: war monitor

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DUBAI: Is there any hope for the children of Gaza amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, restrictions on aid access, and a looming famine in the north of the enclave? According to UN Children’s Fund spokesperson James Elder, who recently toured the length of Gaza, only an immediate ceasefire can turn the humanitarian situation around. Appearing … Read more

Two civilians injured in Israeli strikes on Damascus: ministry

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Damascus: Israel launched strikes near Damascus Sunday that injured two civilians, Syria’s defense ministry said, the latest in a slew of deadly Israeli attacks on Syria this week. It came two days after a war monitor reported Israeli strikes that killed dozens of Syrian soldiers and allied fighters, fueling new concerns of a wider conflagration, … Read more

Israeli airstrikes target Damascus countryside, Syria says

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JERUSALEM: Israel has vowed to let Palestinians crammed into southern Gaza leave before its planned invasion of Rafah, but experts have warned it was practically impossible to get those civilians out of harm’s way.The roughly 1.5 million Gazans in the territory’s southernmost tip have the Mediterranean Sea to their west and sealed borders to the … Read more

Israeli strike hits Damascus residential area, killing at least 2

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Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s actions in Palestinian Territories as ‘legally indefensible’ THE HAGUE: South Africa on Tuesday urged the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to issue a non-binding legal opinion that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories is illegal, arguing it would help efforts to reach a settlement. Representatives of South Africa opened the second day … Read more