Five killed in Sydney shopping center attack

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PALM BEACH, Florida: Donald Trump offered a political lifeline Friday to House Speaker Mike Johnson, saying the beleaguered GOP leader is doing a “very good job,” and tamping down the far-right forces led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene trying to oust him from office. Trump and Johnson appeared side-by-side at the ex-president’s Mar-a-Lago club, a … Read more

At least 13 people are killed and an estimated 15,000 displaced by flooding in Kenya

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Muslim leaders are ‘out of words’ as they tire of the White House outreach on the war in Gaza WASHINGTON: Osama Siblani was sipping his morning coffee at the office when his phone buzzed with a message from one of President Joe Biden’s advisers. As publisher of the Arab American News in Dearborn, Michigan, Siblani … Read more

Dozens of Palestinians killed in Gaza as Hamas official vows to ‘break’ Israel

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MOSCOW: Russia, Germany and Britain on Thursday urged countries in the Middle East to show restraint and Israel said it was preparing to “meet all its security needs” in a region on edge over an Iranian threat to strike Israel. The German airline Lufthansa, one of only two Western carriers flying to Tehran, extended a … Read more

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s 3 sons killed in Israeli airstrike, Hamas media say

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WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden issued some of his sternest criticism yet of Israel’s war on Hamas, calling its approach a “mistake” as the country faces a Wednesday court deadline to prove it is not throttling aid to hunger-stricken Gaza. With global outrage over the toll inflicted by the six-month-old war growing, Biden rebuked Israeli … Read more

At least five killed in militant attack on Iranian police

The war has destroyed Sudan’s already fragile infrastructure and pushed the country to the brink of famineMarie-Helene Verney, UNHCR’s representative in South Sudan, said 635,000 people had arrived in the country since April 15 GENEVA: One year since the conflict in Sudan erupted, thousands of desperate people are still fleeing the country daily “as if … Read more

8 Hezbollah, Amal fighters killed in Israeli airstrikes on Lebanon

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For families of hostages, it’s a race against time as Israel’s war reaches six-month mark JERUSALEM: It’s the last wish of a dying mother, to be with her daughter once more. But six months into Israel’s war against Hamas, time is running out for Liora Argamani, who hopes to stay alive long enough to see … Read more

Israeli fire ‘most likely’ killed woman hostage on Oct 7: army

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GENEVA: The United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday adopted a resolution calling for Israel to be held accountable for possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip, although Israel dismissed it as a “distorted text.” Twenty-eight countries voted in favor, 13 abstained and six opposed the resolution, including the United States … Read more

Iran holds funeral for officers killed in embassy strike

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UNITED NATIONS: International aid groups said on Thursday there is nothing more they can do to protect staff in the Gaza Strip and that it is up to Israel to avoid killing them as the United Nations appealed for direct humanitarian coordination with the Israeli military. Global outrage at the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian … Read more

Aid worker killed by Israel felt need to help, parents say

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LONDON: Conservative peer Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill’s grandson, has backed calls for the UK to halt arms sales to Israel following an airstrike that killed three British aid workers in Gaza, The Guardian reported on Thursday. Soames said the gravity of the situation meant the UK had to send a strong message about Israel’s actions … Read more

Israeli strike on Gaza building killed 106 in ‘apparent war crime’: HRW

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How the war in Gaza deprived Palestinians of beloved Ramadan rituals and traditions LONDON: What would ordinarily be a time of celebration, feasting and family gatherings for Muslims in Gaza is instead one of fear, hunger and grief as families are forced to forgo the festivities during the holy month of Ramadan this year amid … Read more