Israeli strike in south Lebanon kills 3 Hezbollah fighters

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JERUSALEM: Nabela thought the United Nations school in Gaza City was a safe haven. Then, the Israeli army arrived.Soldiers stormed the place, ordering men to undress and hauling women to a mosque for strip searches, she said. So began six weeks in Israeli custody that she says included repeated beatings and interrogations.“The soldiers were very … Read more

Hezbollah fires rocket salvo at Israeli base

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What would a new Palestinian government in the West Bank mean for the war in Gaza? RAMALLAH: The Palestinian Authority’s prime minister announced his government’s resignation on Monday, seen as the first step in a reform process urged by the United States as part of its latest ambitious plans to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.But it … Read more

Gaza deal won’t affect Israel’s Hezbollah fight: defense minister

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DUBAI: With the war in Gaza heading toward its sixth month, some are wondering if there is any end in sight to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. What is certain, however, is that Israel carries out a policy of dehumanization of Palestinians to justify its occupation, according to one of Israel’s most famous journalists. “Israel systematically, … Read more

France proposes Hezbollah withdrawal, border talks for Israel-Lebanon truce

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Finland elects new president to take over top job in NATO’s newcomer and Russia’s neighbor HELSINKI: Finland has a new president after former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb narrowly won a runoff vote Sunday for the key post in this Nordic country. Stubb, who takes over in March, will steer Finland’s foreign and security policy, including … Read more

Hezbollah official wounded in Israeli strike on Lebanon: security source

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BEIRUT: A local Hezbollah official was seriously wounded Monday in an Israeli air strike on his car in southern Lebanon, a Lebanese security source told AFP. Israeli forces and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, have traded near-daily fire since war broke out on October 7 between Israel and the Palestinian militant group in … Read more

Israel strike wounds Hezbollah official in Lebanon: security source

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AL-MUKALLA: The US Central Command said on Thursday that its forces had launched strikes on Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, targeting anti-ship missiles ready for launch, as Yemen’s militia leader pledged to continue Red Sea attacks. In a post on X, CENTCOM said that on Wednesday night, its forces struck two Houthi mobile anti-ship cruise missiles … Read more

Israel says struck thousands of Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, Syria during Gaza war

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DUBAI: Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing a lengthy course of treatment is a frightening prospect at any time. Enduring such an ordeal in wartime is a different league of terror altogether. Some 2 million Palestinian civilians in Gaza have been displaced by months of intense Israeli bombardment, while strict controls on the entry of … Read more

Hezbollah ‘fully prepared’ for escalation as tension mounts in southern Lebanon

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Gates Foundation CEO urges billionaires to increase philanthropic contributions in annual letter LONDON: In his annual letter published on Thursday, Mark Suzman, CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, urged philanthropists to increase their donations and take immediate action to address the unparalleled struggles countries face in combatting poverty, diseases, and inequality. The Gates … Read more

Strike kills Hezbollah official in Lebanon, amid apparent Israeli shift to targeted killings

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LONDON: Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip has spared no one, burying entire families under the rubble of their own homes, paralyzing essential healthcare facilities and traumatizing the Palestinian enclave’s population of 2.3 million — of whom, according to the Euro-Med Monitor, at least 130,000 were living with permanent disabilities before the conflict. Amid the persistent … Read more

An Israeli preemptive strike against Hezbollah was averted early in the Gaza war, top official says

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Siege is a ‘silent killer’ as Gazans face ‘debilitating’ struggle to survive, says UN agency chief  NEW YORK CITY: The head of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East on Thursday called for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, to provide some relief for the population there and clear … Read more